Attend our Free Online Shoulder and Rotator Cuff Pain Workshop. Learn how to alleviate pain and heal without surgery or taking opioids.

Thursday, March 11th, 2021

@ 6:00PM EST
Do you have Shoulder Pain with any of the following day to day activities?
  • Reaching overhead?
  • Reaching behind your back?
  • ​While you sleep?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions, our Shoulder Pain Workshop may be right for you…

This shoulder pain workshop will answer these key questions:

When should I be concerned about shoulder pain?
What causes shoulder pain?

How do I relieve shoulder pain?

Why Should You Join Our Shoulder Pain Workshop?

Shoulder pain can ruin the simple joys of life…. It's time to fight it together!

Pain can impact every area of your life such as your favorite
hobby, family time and your ability to sleep.

This workshop will teach you what successful treatment looks like and how it can help you participate more fully in life. 

Decreasing pain means decreasing stress on both the body and mind. Don’t suffer in silence! Don’t let a loved one suffer through the pain.

Come join us to figure out how you can relieve pain without invasive surgery, injections, or medications. 

This Online Workshop Will Be Hosted By:

Vincenzo Adduci, Jr., DPT

Kevin Guenther, DPT

What Others Have To Say.

"The physical therapy has worked miraculously. I now experience discomfort only after arising from a seated position. I am able to walk for longer distances and my balance has improved. Stair climbing is still a problem, but I am confident the exercises you taught me will help me improve. Thank you!
P.S.- I am now able to travel and play tennis!"

-Linda H.
"My experience here was great. Everyone here was really nice and helpful. I loved coming to Physical Therapy and seeing Amanda every day. She makes PT better with her great personality. I would not have recovered as fast if it wasn’t for Kevin. Great experience, would come back again."

-Gianna F.
This FREE Workshop is limited so act now!

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